Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tattoos and Summer Dresses

Sooo I'm back again, sorry it's been so long. I've been uber busy getting things ready for the Farmer's Market downtown that starts on the 18th of June! Anywho my two new tattoos finally healed so here are pictures of them. The first one is my mom's signature, people ask why get that? Well, when I was little I used to always try and forge my mom's signature in my planner at school because I was the one kid who had to have it signed every day, which to no surprise I never did and always forgot. So its just something that I thought I'd do to humor my mom who LOVED it! Mind you it was so far the most painful tattoo and the smallest! The second on is of my first camera I ever got. I am really into photography believe it or not! It was my grandpa's camera and I use it still its a Nikon FE. I love it sooo much! Ok here's the pictures of them!

My tattoos were done by Justin Zaun of Independent Ink in Fargo, ND! Check him out! He's amazing and does amazing work.

Ok now I also refashioned another one of the dresses a bought a while back. I was inspired by this adorable dress on I love this site in general and get alot of my ispiration from it!
Here is the dress that inspired it:

Here is my interpretation of the dress:

And After:


  1. Loving both tats! and the refashion is gorgeous! -C.C.

  2. Love the remake! Can't wait to see what you do with the other dresses, you got some great pieces. Greetings from London -- Sally