Wednesday, December 14, 2011


So sorry I haven't blogged in FOREVER!!!

So what is it that's got me sooo busy? Well currently I'm still watching two children, along with my own, during the day and I am also job searching.  Another thing I Jessica Maus went BLONDE!!! Yes for the first time EVER in my life I went blonde! For no apparent reason, just spur of the uh, moment? I also got my hair cut again even shorter from Salon Seva my stylist's name was Kelsey (sp?) and I LOVE HER!!! I am thinking of doing a "tutorial" to show my personal experience and process of going blonde if I can get the pics off my Blackberry, that Mikinlee broke, onto my computer.  That's another thing! I have decided to move up in the world and purchase my first Apple product. As of this coming Sunday I will be the proud new owner of and Apple iPhone 4S!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!! For now I'm stuck with Jeremy's old phone the Instinct which I think is a dinosaur compared to my Blackberry.  It's gotta be one of the very first touch screen phones there ever was lol. Any who I'm thinking of having a giveaway for Christmas.  Any thoughts? Well I best be going now these crazy kids are running wild around my house lol! Tata for now!!