Thursday, March 31, 2011

Shirring Tackled!

So after much ado, I finally leaped over my fear of complicity and tackled shirring! I've never been so happy to have such a simple side loading bobbin sewing machine! It was simple and I am now addicted. Since Mikinlee was getting so jealous of me not making her anything, I decided to start with her. Here is what I created.

And an action shot!

She loved it! I also whipped up a shirt for myself this morning in about a half hour but it was just a rough draft here ya go ignore my ugly, unshowered self!

I love vintage fabrics and buttons well pretty much everything vintage!

Bobbi and Blaikli stopped by today to hang out with us. Mikinlee and Blaikli had a pretty good convo going on this morning similar to the talking twins that were all over the news yesterday. I wish we could've taped it!
As for me Medicaid has decided that since Jeremy makes so much money now I'm no longer eligible for Medicaid. Boo were not even married! Oh well now just gotta find a way to pay for my lovely Zoloft.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Congratulations to my little brother!

My little brother, Tommy, graduated this week from naval bootcamp! Yay! He's now off to A School in sunny California! Here's a few pics from my mom and dad!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Giveaway!

I am planning on giving away a hair clip to a lucky follower of my blog! To enter the giveaway, go to Facebook, search for Mikinlee and Me Boutique and "like" it, then come back here and follow me, finally, leave a comment, can say anything from Spaghettios to just a good ole' :). That's it! You must do those three things to be entered. The winner will be picked at random on April 1st, 2011. Also there is a giveaway on my Facebook page for a headband or hair clip as soon as we reach 50 "likes". Thanks for your support!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Our first post!!

Please hang in there with me as I get my blog set up! I'll try and post multiple times a week. You can expect posts about my life as a mom and also some posts about my new boutique Mikinlee and Me and my sewing projects.  Also look us up on Facebook and soon Etsy!

Now to introduce myself.  My name is Jessica (Jess) and I have a 6 month old daughter named Mikinlee. We currently reside with my significant other, boyfriend sounds like were in high school still, in North Dakota.  One of my many passions that I have picked up since I had Mikinlee is sewing. I love it.  There's nothing like being able to say, "Thanks, I made that"! I also enjoy different crafts too, but my all time favorite thing to do is spend time with my little lady! She was born on September 17th, 2010 and changed my life like no other.  Here are some pictures of her because I love to brag about her and her big ole brown eyes!