Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Truth About Cloth Part 1

So for months now everyone has been asking me, why cloth? Most of the time my answer is, I don’t know, because it’s good for the environment?  Then they automatically think that cloth diapers are just rags put on the bottom, held together with pins.
These days cloth diapers are just as advanced as the computer your reading this on.  Believe it or not there’s more the five types of diapers to pick from.  There are the classic ones that everyone is familiar with their grandparents used which are prefolds (the burp rag looking ones) that are held together with either a snappi or pins picture below.
^Snappi ^
^Diaper pins^
Then there are the All in Ones (AIO) that are the closest to a disposable as you can get.  They work just like a disposable except instead of tossing them in the garbage you toss them in the diaper pail.

Then there is the All in Two (AI2) which is similar to the AIO but has a removable liner that cuts drying time in half.
Then there is the fitted cloth diapers that have two different pieces the shell and the outer cover.

There are many different types of cloth and they all come in different sizes to meet your needs.  My personal favorite is the one size pocket diapers. They fit newborns all the way up to potty training, unless you have a larger baby then it may not fit all the way to potty training.  I use Sunbaby 2.0 and 4.0 cloth diapers and have had good luck with them.  My daughter, Mikinlee is almost one and still wearing them.
Now lets debunk some myths about cloth diapering:
Cloth Diapering is more expensive? Well actually, cloth diapers are cheaper in the long run.  Granted the start up cost, depending on which ones you choose, can be costly but these days $200 worth of cloth diapers can get you all the way up to potty training.  Where as with disposables will cost you upwards to $2000 through your diapering years.  As for the water and electric bill used to wash the diapers, it honestly is much of an increase.
The laundering is time consuming?  Its just an extra load of laundry every three days.  After about two weeks the routine sets in, this is coming from someone who HATES laundry with a passion.  It’s simple.
Cloth diapers cause diaper rash? Actually recent studies have proved the opposite.  Diaper rash can be caused by many factors, not just wet skin.  Because disposables feel dry even after many times of being urinated in, they are usually changed less often, therefore leading to more rashes.
Cloth diapers are hard to change?  Nope honestly they are just as fast, with options like snappis, snaps or Velcro, they are easy peasy and with the snaps they are much harder for babies to remove! Just ask Jeremy about changing a cloth diaper, he dose it all the time now!
Cloth diapers smell? Well what’s the difference between putting  disposables in the garbage than putting cloth diapers into a wet pail? If maintained properly, cloth diapers don’t smell.  I have a garbage can that I use as my diaper pail.  There is nothing but a pail liner in it and no it doesn’t need anything added to it.  I just toss the dirtys in and spinkle with some baking soda if needed.  They usually don’t smell.
You have to clean them in the toilet? Actually only solid poops have to be dumped into the toilet which to me is quite easy.  They roll right off into the toilet and then go straight into the diaper pail.
Okay got crying babies gotta run! I’ll add more later!