Friday, May 6, 2011

I'm Back!!!

Yay I finally have internet and am able to post multiple times a week and am way far behind on sharing my sewing projects with you. Oops, oh well here goes nothing.

First up is my chlothing refashions, as mentioned before, I bought a bunch of clothes from a thrift store and wanted to make them into treasures.  Well so far so GREAT!!! Heres the first shirt I did:

Alls I did was cut the sleeves, add elastic to them, then I cut the collar of and constructed a new top, then to add a little bit more to it I changed the buttons and added a belt that I already had in my closet!

I love, love, love it!!
Stay tuned for more of my projects to come, Mikinlee is napping and the computer is in her room so I'm trying to blog quietly and I need to take the pics with my webcam.  I'll post later!

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