Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dresses of a Lifetime!!!!

So today my friend Bre and I decided after a trip to Mi Mexico for some of our favorite fajitas, and a double take through the parking lot of Starbucks looking for their drive through, that we should go garage saleing! The first few we found were ok but some were over priced, but I did pick up a few books for little miss.  Mikinlee seems to have a huge fear of Bre's car and cried the whole time so after the first three we decided to take her home and drop her off for some daddy time.  Well as soon as I get there and tell Jeremy she won't stop crying and I was leaving her there for a bit, I go grab her and magically, since she knew she was going with daddy, she did what she always does for him and fell right to sleep. Hmm... maybe I should mention daddy more often and see if she goes to sleep?! Ok, ok back to garage saling so we go to a few more and try to follow a lady in a little red prius who was trying to out run us to find the best garage sales but she out witted us or followed a house for sale sign and we ditched her.  So onwards we got to byfar my favorite garage sale to date and let me tell you I Jessica Lee Maus found the MOTHER of all refashionable dresses!! Jeremy saw them and said they were absolutely hideous and couldn't believe I came home with 9 yes 9 dresses!!! He just doesn't understand my passion to refashion! I couldn't wait to get my hands on them! I of course had to take before pics and here they are! Be prepared these are diamonds in the rough and boy some are very rough!!!! Also to add I only spent $9.00!!!

And of course tonight I had to refashion one because I just couldn't wait! Here it is!!

After front

after back!!

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